Customized Waveforms

Open Image Enables Transmit Waveform Customization

Published: Oct 2, 2020 by Jed

One of the benefits of the Open Image platform is the ability to fully customize your transmit waveforms. Our pulser allows for five different amplitude settings (-V_2, -V_1, 0, +V_1, +V_2, where, for our system, V_2 = 80 V and V_1 = 40 V) sampled at 220 MHz.

We measured the transmitted ultrasound pulses (from an Ultrasonix L14-5/38 transducer couple to the Open Image prototype) in water using a Precision Acoustics Needle Hydrophone:

Below are some sample results covering a wide range of pulse center frequencies, durations, and shapes. We have very good command over the excitation and the output waveform below the transducer’s center frequency (5-6 MHz). Above that, the impulse response of the transducer begins to dominate. This is not unexpected.